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Image shows solar installation on a roof top. Tasmanian Solar designer and installer.

Tas Solar Clean Energy


Our back ground stems from a successful electrical contracting business, established in 2004. Over 10 years ago our business diversified into Solar, and Tas Solar was established. As a result, Tas Solar has the experience of over 3000 solar systems installations. Our experience at your fingertips.


● A local business. Well versed with Tasmanian solar power system regulations.

● Fully licensed and accredited design and install services, and ongoing customer care. Ensuring quality service.

● Installation is never outsourced.
Above all, pride in our work is of utmost importance. Placing work in someone else’s hands is not an option.

● Optimise your system design.
For instance, consideration is given to the actual yield of a system. Because maximum capacity of the system is not always what you get.

● Undertake site visits.
The result of this is that it allows assessment of optimum location, and education, for you and us, to occur.

● Systems are installed to the highest standard.

● Tas Solar recommend quality, trusted electrical and solar power components. You deserve the best outcome. However, the choice of products is yours.

● Managing the process from start-to-finish.

● Clean and tidy work ethic. Results in an aesthetically pleasing system designs.

Not only can we help you with your solar design and installation, as a licensed Electrical contractor we can also undertake and advise you on all general residential, and commercial electrical work e.g. heat pumps, lighting, electrical safety and wiring of new homes.

100% Tasmanian Owned and Operated

You want your solar in our hands because we are with you from the beginning to system hand over, and beyond.

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Accredited Clean Energy Council installer and New Energy Tech.