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Solar available to Hobart, Tasmanian residents.
To achieve the most out of your Solar PV System, we meet you onsite. A discussion will take place to determine your solar requirements. This allows us to developed the optimal design for your Solar PV System.

Aerial photography and advanced solar software assist in determining: roof space and location. Resulting in optimal efficiency.

Detailed Quotation is provided, which includes: system design and placement, estimate of performance (including the financial benefit), our Terms and Conditions, and the total cost.

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Solar PV Systems for Residential Homes

Removal and Relocation – For Existing Solar PV Systems.

Are you planning on extending or altering your roof space, repairing or replacing your roof?
Tas Solar can safely and carefully remove an existing system for you and re install the system when ready.
All you need is a safe place to store the system and we will do the rest.

Maintenance of Existing Systems

Solar Power systems are often thought to be maintenance free. However, with occasional repairs and maintenance the performance of the system can be maximised. As time goes by the solar system will inevitably decrease in efficiency. However, having the system’s output and voltage levels checked and panels cleaned, you can maximise rated output. It is vital your system works efficiently. By allowing your system to go without repairs and/or maintenance you could be losing potential savings.

All General Electrical – LED Lighting, Heat Pump, Hotwater, Tariff Changes, Meter Changes etc.

Tas Solar services extend far beyond Solar systems, for example, upon our initial discussions it may be apparent that energy costs can be saved through the installation of: LED lighting, heat pump, solar hot water. All of which can be included in our service, so that we can offer you a complete package. One that will gain you the best system to suit your individual needs.

Solar Electricity for Commercial/Business

Tas Solar Clean Energy specialise in the installation of large scale commercial solar electrical systems.

Electricity prices have risen by up to 54% over the past 3 years and over 150% in the last 7 years. The average medium size business receives a bill of approximately $30,000- $50,000 per year.

 A Solar Electricity System can help you future proof your business from rising electricity costs, increase in carbon pricing, network charges and peak demand.
By going solar you could save your business thousands of dollars per annum.

Be satisfied that you have made an excellent investment.
With the expected life of a Solar System being 25 years, your business will continue to receive huge savings on electricity costs. Generally this occurs well past the return period of your investment. In a lot of cases the payback period for a Solar System on a Commercial Premises is 3-4 years.

Businesses can even enjoy tax deductions from the depreciation of the system. In some cases direct tax deduction for small business may apply e.g. for systems up to $20,000. Also by investing in a Solar system, the rate of return on your investment will be far greater than having your money in the bank earning interest.

Contact Tas Solar today and we will examine your energy history, site location. Allowing us to and provide you with a detailed proposal and suggest the best suit for your business.
The proposal will comprise of the following information: system components, system production and expected performance, your expected payback period or return on investment, as well as the net cost and value of the investment.

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